PetQuip - International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers

About Us

Media Events is a small but very focussed and experienced Event Organiser. We have been organising the “Garden Press Event” for 11 years and it is now “THE” gardening event to visit at the start of every season for all of the Top Gardening writers and media professionals.

After over 10 years working with the idea of bringing relevant media to meet with the respective trades, and gaining extensive contacts with the Media as well as many useful contacts in various trade organisations. It gave us the confidence to launch these New Press Events.

We now are very confident that we can bring together the Media and the relevant trade contacts within other Industries.

As stated above the next two Events are based on “The Home” and the “Pet Trade”, we are working with two great Trade associations on these events – BHETA for the Home Press Event and PetQuip for the Pet Press Event.

We are excited about the opportunity and we are certain that if you sign up for these events you and your company will benefit considerably.

"The Pet Press Event 2018" - Dates to be announced.