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We already have great support from the major Trade publications. We are expecting around 140 Journalists at the first event from the contacts we already have.

SO If you want to -

  • Introduce Products New or Familiar
  • Remind relevant PET INDUSTRY journalists about your brand
  • Build relationships with the relevant media contacts

THEN – this is the place to be

The only visitors will be Pet related journalists hungry for stories!

Exhibitor Feedback from this years Garden Press Event

A dynamic exhibition for Briers with press interest growing significantly in the brand and in the #glovies campaign started by Briers for Greenfingers.
An excellent event that gets better every year. We've already booked for next year.
David Austin Roses
This year’s Garden Press Event was thoroughly enjoyable and immensely useful to Fiskars. This level of access to so many journalists is fantastic, it’s great to be able to talk, face to face with so many key people in the industry. I’d like to add that the event was extremely well organised and coupled with the relaxed atmosphere made the show set up and breakdown much more bearable than most of the events we go to!
Fiskars UK Ltd
I love this show, as it’s the very first event of the year that you get to meet the gardening press and media, it’s such a good atmosphere and not too big and impersonal.